The Floating Moving Concert

Category: year 2020

The Floating Moving Concert is the brainchild of Italian pianist and composer Alessandro Martire. The Concert was specially created to take place on Lake Como in northern Italy.

Thanks to their inexhaustible energy, motivation and originality, our enthusiastic young team have turned a dream into reality.

The Floating Moving Concert is part of Lej Festival, a yearly music festival hosting both Italian and international artists with different backgrounds and styles. The festival aims to promote Lake Como’s striking scenery while reflecting the close connection between music and landscape.

Performances take place on a moving floating platform towed by an electric motorboat. As well as being an eco-friendly choice, the boat does not interfere with live performances as it glides across the water without emitting any sound.

Our highly skilled team comprising engineers, technicians, designers, choreographers, stage managers, light designers, tuners and sound engineers have worked tirelessly on the project, giving life to a truly unique music concert.