Alessandro Martire



Alessandro Martire is a young Italian pianist and composer, born in Como in 1992.

He studied piano and composition with the Italian Teacher M. Giusto Franco at Genoa’s Music Academy.
In 2012 he also studied new age composition at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, thus acquiring more experience, and performed in the final concert at the David Friend Recital Hall.

He then graduated in International and Political Science at the University of Milan.
His compositions are the expression of a musical sensibility which, drawing inspiration from both classical tradition and contemporary elements, creates evocative and catchy melodies and harmonies.

There is no definition for his music.

You can call it New Age, classical crossover, contemporary, alternative, but it always comes down to this: Alessandro Martire plays Alessandro Martire’s music.

His original music led him to perform in prestigious universities and theatres around the world. Through his music Alessandro connects in an intimate manner with his audience, tapping into their emotions, thoughts and dreams like an old friend.

During his career as pianist and composer, he has performed in different international tours.
The most notable so far are:

  • “Flames of Joy World Tour”, on the occasion of the release of his album “Flames of Joy”, which brought Alessandro to perform in 10 Countries in the span of a month: from Addis Abeba to Canberra, through Hong Kong, Dubai and Pretoria.
  • “Flames of Joy World Tour 2.0 and 3.0”, respectively in 2017 and 2018. During these tours, Alessandro performed in Japan, Russia, Poland and Vietnam with the Soul Academy Orchestra.

In 2017 Alessandro signed an important publishing deal with Ultra International Music Publishing, an American multinational music publishing company, while in 2019 he signed a record deal with the historic Italian independent record label Carosello Records.

Alessandro Martire has also the composed soundtracks for films, short films, theatre and commercials.